March 29th, 2014


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March 28th, 2014

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glee meme: five otps [1/5] » tike

Losing my virginity was a great experience for me. Because I was with someone I love. It happened in summer. Mike and I had talked about it for a while, because we knew that the first time was gonna be something we wanna remember forever. And when that moment came, we just knew. It was right, it wasn’t rushed… It was amazing. He’s my first love, and I’ll always look back at that moment as absolutely perfect. No regrets.


 fans who jump ship at first chance …image

Then jump right back on, claiming they ‘been there from the start’




Tina should go to NYADA OR DO OTHERS THINGS IN NYC, NOT SOME MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!!! She deserves it and it’s not cool that Artie, Sam and Blaine are going but SHE IS NOT!! And btw tike deserves to be mentioned a lot more than now.


No but hear me out, Rachel was holding the Queen T plaque, but Mike, Mike was holding the FOREVER one and that made emotional shut up

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Ok… since aparently the mentioning part of why tike broke up got cut… ryan can still upload it in that youtube channel he made two years ago with some of the scenes that were cut and didn’t make it to the episodes cause DAMN… we need an explanation… or did they cut it cause they knew it was indeed a stupid reason?

which ships do u want the most?
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Oh jeez. I’ll just make a top five to make life easier. The ships I’ve loved the most, but have had to try areeee:

  1. Finn and Quinn
  2. Tina and Mike
  3. Jake and Rachel
  4. Kitty and Artie
  5. Will and Emma (but I know that’s a long stretch haha)